Gritful is taking a break in April 2024 - see you soon :)
Gritful is taking a break in April 2024 - see you soon :)


Hello and Welcome to Gritful Homeware!

I'm Janet, the founder and owner of Gritful. I create a variety of home decor products made from a sustainable, eco-resin alternative to concrete. 

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Asian American originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently living as an expat in Belgium with my partner. We are loving pup parents to our Dalmatian, Diego. 

The name Gritful comes from an Southern expression of being "full of grit" which is used to describe someone with passion and perseverance. It reminds me that you can go through anything if you are committed and work for it. I started Gritful during the COVID-19 pandemic because I was honestly just looking for something to do. As an expat, I had difficult time settling in and finding a job that I was excited about. Then one day I stumbled onto the world of resin and concrete. With my professional background in marketing and e-commerce, it became a natural path to creating the brand that it is today. 
Gritful : All made by hand, heart and grit.